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    Fireflashers is an American based small import business. We have been selling quality light up items since 2002. We Import mainly from China in large quantity and sell in wholesale lots at great prices for the American entrepreneur and fundraisers. In the right settings our products can really appeal to people and create large crowds of buyers. We have sold our own products in the marketplace when ever it is possible for us and have done very well. Please feel free to ask for our help as our experienced sales staff can answer most any question and can offer input to help contribute to your success. Much of our company's success is due to the input of our loyal customer base.

     Fireflashers are very popular. You may have seen them on TV on the popular show E.R. or MTV. They are also sold at many musical concerts, School Fundraisers, sporting events, and Light Parades. We also make custom lights for  business logos or local clubs and unions.