Flashing Programmable Scrolling Badge


50pcs 12.99ea
35pcs 12.99ea
20pcs 12.99ea
10pcs 12.99ea
  5pcs     12.99ea
1pcs 12.99ea


Product Description:

The red electronic digital scrolling display has ultra bright glowing leds can be used as a tag or display also is great for promotional advertising, gift, electronic toy, gadget, novelty use.

The Led display contains a dot matrix of red ledís(7*19)text scrolls from left to right

Attaches to your shirt using very strong magnet

Manual push button message input  Large memory.

Each message can be up to 118 characters Nine different speed settings

Replaceable 3V CR2032 battery

Size is 3-1/8í*1-5/8í about the same as a credit card

Weight is 0.032kg